Excellent NFXTrade for ERC20 token users, lowest market rates and affiliate program.

Access Exchange

  • Lower market rates
  • Affiliate program
  • Smart Stakes!

Market Differentials

The Digital Asset market has suffered from high rates and slow service. NFXTrade came to change that and become one of the best exchanges on the market, and still reward its customers through Smart Stakes.
Fast and Effective Service

Quick account approval, quick confirmation of deposits and issuance of withdrawals and fast user support.

ERC20 and BEP20 On The Rise

NFXTrade came with the purpose of gathering ERC20 and BEP20 tokens from new projects, thus offering opportunities and trading, promoting volume and liquidity of these tokens.

Advantages to Users

Every user will have, within the exchange and other platforms of NFX Digital Services LLC, advantages and benefits when purchasing NFXCoin and NFXToken tokens from NFX Digital Services LLC.

Create Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

NFX Trade has the differentials you Need to trade digital assets
  • TOTAL SECURITY Bank-level user data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control to ensure transaction security.
  • WALLET PROTECTION Multi-layer Wallet encryption, offline storage on ledgers to ensure security.
  • CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY Instant loading, fast and efficient withdrawal, always undergoing human intervention to ensure safety and prevent intruder withdrawals.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Professional customer service team, online service consultation, individual chat service to instantly resolve as many adjustments as possible.
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Why buy NFXCoin?

NFXCoin guarantees several benefits and advantages within the ecosystem of Xtrader Software LLC.

  • Discount on fees within NFXTrade (coming soon)
  • NFXToken Smart Stakes Packages at NFXPartner (coming soon)
  • NFXCoin Rewards in Smart Stakes (coming soon)
  • NFXToken Rewards in Smart Stakes (coming soon)
  • Bitcoin Prizes in Smart Stakes (coming soon)
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High consumption tokens within the ecosystem

NFX Digital Services LLC promotes high consumption of NFXCoin and NFXToken through direct actions within NFXTrade, and with Smart Stakes at NFXPartner that will be moving both tokens.

  • 50% of trade fees are converted into NFXCoin promoting your liquidity
  • NFXToken Smart Stakes Rewarding in NFXCoin
  • NFXToken Smart Stakes awarding with the NFXToken itself
  • NFXToken Smart Stakes Rewarding in Bitcoin

Top ERC20, BEP20 and Rising Tokens

We have the main ERC20 and BEP20 tokens on the market, as well as rising tokens from new projects.
  • NFXCoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance Coin
    Binance Coin
  • BUSD
  • NFXToken
  • Tron
  • DogeCoin
  • ManchinhaCoin
  • Libreminer